MailChimp Export API I’m in the process of setting up regular exports of data from MailChimp to help Pocket Lobby keep track of user engagement. We want to integrate the MailChimp data with a number of other data sources, so getting the data out of MailChimp and into a format that can be linked with our other data sources is important. Ideally, we can automate as much of this as possible (rather than manually downloading the CSV files and adding them to a database).
7 min read
I’ve been doing some pro bono data and statistics work for a nonprofit focused on keeping constituents informed of how well their elected representatives are representing them between elections. The goal is to allow users to vote along with their representatives and to receive information on how aligned their views are with the votes of their representatives. We are trying to maintain and analyze data from a number of different sources: about the users (e.g. congressional district, join date); about the bills being voted on; about user engagement; and about numerous other topics.
4 min read
Introduction In this post, I outline the basics of setting up and using OpenBUGS on linux. BUGS stands for Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling. OpenBUGS allows for the analysis of highly-complex statistical models using Markov-chain Monte Carlo methods. It is specifically focused on Bayesian methods. This guide may not be generalizable to all Linux systems, but it worked for me. It wasn’t too difficult, but I did have to pull together a number of different sources to get everything working as intended.
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