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Here are some resources to reference for building a simple site with org-mode. I've extensively used the sites listed as models for building the present site and expect to continue to reference them for some time.

Personal Website in Org

Good resoures for setting up a custom sitemap as an index page.

OrgCSS Stylesheet

Nice-looking basic stylesheet for site. I likely won't stick with this forever but it looks good for now.


This site includes a good overview of making list of posts with previews of the first few lines of text.

Blogging using org-mode (and nothing else)

By Dennis Ogbe. The code I ultimately used for generating and showing previews closely followed that from this post.

Worg Publishing to HTML Tutorial

Good tutorial covering the basics of publishing org-mode projects to html.

My Site

Here is a link to the site I'm making. Ultimately I will add a custom domain.

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